Los Angeles County 4-H Officer Book Competition

Officer Book Competition (due September 11, 2018)

The 2017-2018 Officer books are due to the LA or AV 4-H Office by 4pm on September 11, 2018 or to an Incentives & Recognition Committee Member (Noel Keller, Judylynn Pelling, Dee Keese, Amy Lockman, Laura Shannon or Dannon Shaughnessy) by 9pm on September 12, 2018. The book must be submitted with the appropriate forms which can be downloaded below.  Evaluating the books is Danish with all officers having a chance to earn a Gold Medal. The seven categories of the competition are President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Reporter, Historian, and Other Officers.  All club and Hi 4-H officers are encouraged to be the best that they can be as an officer and submit their officer records for recognition. This is an optional competition.

The books will be judged on Saturday, September 22, 2018. Experienced leaders are requested to volunteer as evaluators. Contact Noel Keller at (909) 621-2373 to volunteer to evaluate the books. The results will be announced at the annual County Awards program. 

Download  2017-18 Officer Book Form ID Form (pdf)
Download  Officer Book Score Sheets (pdf)