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County Senior Awards of Excellence

LA County Senior Awards of Excellence
Senior (14 yrs. or older as of Dec. 31st of the program year) 4-H members who submit their records for the county record book judging are reviewed for consideration for the LA County Senior Awards of Excellence in the areas of Achievement, Community Service, S.E.T. (Science, Engineering and Technology), Healthy Living, Project Work and Leadership.  Only one of each award will be presented in a year.  A member cannot be awarded more than one Award of Excellence in a year. A member may receive a specific Award of Excellence only once. The award consists of an individual engraved plaque and an engraved plate being added to a large perpetual plaque with all past recipients of that award shown.  The recipients of Senior Awards of Excellence are announced at the annual County Awards program following county record book judging.

Senior Awards of Excellence 2019