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Los Angeles 4-H Leaders' Council Information

4-H Leaders are represented on the Los Angeles 4-H Leaders' Council, which organizes many 4-H activities in Los Angeles County. The council meets quarterly. For more information, please click on the links below:

2019-2020 Los Angeles County 4-H County Council Officers

President – Peter Michel, Palos Verdes Penn. 4-H Club, SSG
Vice-President –
2nd Vice-President (Youth) – Nicoleene Yunker, Palos Verdes Penn. 4-H Club, SSG
Secretary – Judylynn Pelling, Eagle Rock/Highland Park 4-H Club, NSG
Treasurer – Mary Lash and Johanna Stewart, Greenleaf 4-H Club, SSG
Report/Historian – Nicoleene Y. (youth), Palos Verdes Penn. 4-H Club, SSG
Agriculture Chair –
Science Chair – Kenneth Y. (youth), Palos Verdes Penn. 4-H Club, SSG
Home Economics Chair – Melinda Kasperson, Canyon Coyotes 4-H Club, AV
Shooting Sports Chair – Dee Keese, Palos Verdes Penn. 4-H Club, SSG
Healthy Living Chair – Kaylin K. (youth), Macy 4-H Club, SSG
Technology Chair –
Leader Support Chair –
Incentives and Recognition Chair – Noel Keller, Pomona Valley 4-H Club, NSG
Civics Chair –
Parliamentarian/Policy Secretary –

All offices have a one-year term.  County Council meets four times a year – once in each 4-H district. We need youth and adult representatives from all four LA County 4-H districts to serve as council officers.  Senior 4-H Youth Members are eligible to hold most county council offices too.  An office may be shared amongst two Adults or a youth partnership.

Contact the Council President if you are interested in any of the vacant council positions.

NSG-North San Gabriel District
SSG- South San Gabriel District
SFV- San Fernando Valley District
AV- Antelope Valley District