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Applications / Awards

Junior All-Star Application (due by October 1, 2017)
The Junior All-Star Program is a non-competitive leadership program targeting youth in 8th through 11th grades or 13 and older.

2018-2019 Los Angeles County 4-H All-Star Ambassador Application (Due February 16, 2018)
All-Star Ambassador is the highest rank that a 4-H member can achieve at the county level.

Emerald Star Program
The Emerald Star program is designed for intermediate and senior 4-H members to help youth learn about project planning, organization, and presentation.

Los Angeles County 4-H Record Book Competition (due September 4, 2018)
The 2017-18 Record Books for the county competition are due to the LA or the AV 4-H Office by September 4, 2018 by 4pm or to an Incentives & Recognition Committee Member (Noel Keller, Judylynn Pelling or Carrie DeYoung) by 9pm on September 5, 2018. The results will be announced at the County Awards program in September, 2018.

State Record Book Competition (due to LA 4H Office by 4pm on October 20, 2017)
Senior 4-H members (at least 14 years of age and no older than 19 years old by December 31, 2017) are eligible to enter their 2016-2017 4-H records in the state record book competition.  The application, instructions and forms can be downloaded below. You do not need to submit your records to the county record book competition to be able to submit your records to the state record book competition.  Please contact Noel Keller ( if you have questions.

Los Angeles County 4-H Officer Book Competition (due September 12, 2017)
The 2016-2017 Officer books are due to the LA or AV 4-H Office by 4pm on September 12, 2017 or to an I&R member (Noel Keller, Judylynn Pelling, Dee Keese or Carrie DeYoung) by 9pm on September 13, 2017.

Junior/Teen Leadership Merit Awards 
A Junior or Teen Project Leader who has done exceptional work as a Junior or Teen Project Leader may apply to be considered for a Junior or Teen Leadership Merit Award.

LA County Senior Awards of Excellence
Senior (14 yrs. or older as of Dec. 31st of the program year) 4-H members who submit their records for County Record Book Judging are reviewed for consideration for the LA County Senior Awards of Excellence in the areas of Achievement, Community Service, S.E.T. (Science, Engineering and Technology), Healthy Living, Project Work and Leadership. 

Los Angeles County 4-H Club Goals
Each year 4-H Clubs are encouraged to set goals for the club at the beginning of the program year.  During the year the club works on reaching their goals.  At the end of the program year, the club reports how they did on achieving their goals. Clubs submit the planned goals by November 1st of the current program year.





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