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EFNEP promotes good nutrition and physical activity as a means of maintaining a healthy lifestyle free of chronic diseases.

Our goal, while advocating for nutrition, is to help adults and their families establish and maintain healthy eating habits and physically active lifestyles.

Trained health educators deliver an eight-week course for participants to learn how to:
-plan nutritious meals
-increase physical activity
-stretch their food dollar
-practice safe food handling
-prevent obesity through healthy lifestyles

Participants also receive educational handouts and incentives (including measuring cups, measuring spoons, exercise stretch bands, water bottles and recipe books); and they participate in food tastings.

Target Audience
The adult program aims to enroll adults from urban and rural households with children under the age of 18 years.

(Participants should be responsible for planning and preparing family meals.)

Participants must satisfy at least one of the following:
-receive or be eligible to receive federal food assistance
-have a monthly household case income that is at or below 185% of the Federal Poverty Level
-be a pregnant teen or foster youth in transition, regardless of income or age

For income eligibility, please see the 2012-2013 EFNEP Income Guidelines.

Program Delivery
Adult EFNEP is administered by the University of California Cooperative Extension. The program is administered as a series of eight classes, using the research-based Eating Smart, Being Active curriculum.

Classes emphasize learner-centered education, and the curriculum is designed for classes of 15 participants or fewer.

How can I participate?
For more information or to schedule a class, please contact Stephanie Monterroza at (949) 653-1804,

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