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Many volunteer-led events in the 4-H Program are divided amongst four main “sections” of the state. The sections are:  North, North Central, South Central and South.  These sections are charged with coordinating and hosting various events (in which event leadership often rotates annually such as the State Leaders’ Forum).  In the past, you may have heard the terms “Sectional Field Day”  (Presentation Day), “Sectional Fashion Revue,” or “TIC” (Teen Involvement Conference).  Here is a bit more about what “sections” actually mean for our program…

The South Section is comprised of several counties:  Imperial, San Diego, Riverside, Orange, San Bernardino, Ventura and Los Angeles.  The South Section (also referred to as “Southern Section”) has a governing body which is organized similar to the structure of the Los Angeles County Leaders’ Council (County Council).  Sometimes, a “sectional competition” may be an entryway to state competition. An example of this is when youth compete in certain areas, first at their district level, then go on to county competition, on to sectional, and then on to state (i.e. Fashion Revue).

Teens (4-H youth aged 13-19) are invited to take part in a special version of the South Section Leaders’ Council known as the “South Section Teens Council.”  The teen council helps provide recommendations and assists in planning for the South Section 4-H events and activities, especially the TIC Conference (which is designed for other teens in the state to attend).  Both youth and adults are invited to attend the South Section Council Meetings, provide valuable input, learn more about the 4-H program in the state, and even run for an office.

The purpose of the South Section (and all of the sections) is to support the county 4-H programs in their sectional events and activities, provide a teen conference, and coordinate sectional competitions. You may recall that last year, Sectional Field Day was the responsibility of the South Section.  Our representatives for our section include Noel Keller, Dee Keese, Judylynn Pelling and an alternate, Rick Herbert.

These sectional representatives collaborated with representatives from counties in the South Section to host the event. It was a lot of work, and they did a fantastic job on our Sectional Field Day, which was held at Mt. Sac on Saturday, May 21, 2011.

We are always looking for adult and youth representation at the sectional meetings, and perhaps you would like to attend a meeting to find out how you can help!  The South Section meets at Mt. Sac the second Saturday of month in January, April, June and September (1100 North Grand Avenue, Walnut, 91789) at 10 a.m.  You can also look here for more details about the South Section: or contact Noel Keller at or Dee Keese at

  • On April 13 and 14, 2012, the South Section will be hosting a 4-H Leaders’ Retreat, which we hope that many of you can attend.  The retreat will be held at the Planes of Fame Museum at the Chino Airport. The retreat is being presented by San Bernardino County and will be a fantastic opportunity for leaders to learn all about the various “sections,” and how they support the 4-H program in various counties throughout the state.  This retreat will let attendees know what is available at sectional and state levels, provide presentation information for Field Day and Fashion Revue, have a silent auction, educational displays, special guest speakers, networking, brainstorming and a BBQ and Ice Cream Social.

    Southern Section Leaders' Retreat Packet 2012

    For any further information,
    please contact Noel Keller at

Our South Section Representatives are always an integral part of the events and activities that take place all year long, and we take this time to thank them for their hard work. We invite new adults and teens to represent Los Angeles County 4-H with pride in the years to come.

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