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How to Join 4-H

4-H offers many opportunities!  A volunteer with the Palos Verdes Peninsula (PVP) 4-H Club teaches a youth how to surf.

Young people ages 5 to 19 can join one of the 19 4-H Clubs around Los Angeles County.

Each 4-H Club is run by a volunteer called a Community Club Leader and often, a number of volunteers who help youth with specific projects called Project Leaders. Each club offers slightly different projects, based on the expertise of the volunteers and interests of the children in each club.  Check in with the designated club leader to find out more about what the club offers.  4-H enrollment for youth costs $54 per year.  Detailed information about the benefits of 4-H membership can be found in the Member's Guide (pdf file).

If you find that there is not a club in your community, and you are interested in starting one, please contact Dawn Fuller at dafuller@ucdavis.edu, or Charlene Moore at moore@ucdavis.edu (if you live in the Antelope Valley).  You can become a 4-H Community Club Leader and start a new club in your community.

Online Enrollment – Los Angeles County 4-H uses an Online Enrollment System to enroll members.  Each family will need to create a family profile and enroll each 4-H member separately under that profile.  We have a cheat sheet that will provide you step by step instructions to enroll and add projects.  You can access this sheet by clicking the link below.  The 4-H Online Enrollment website is: https://california.4honline.com/.   Create your profile and enroll now for the current program year (July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019).  You can do this anytime from now until December 31st (to compete at fair).  Remember, you must be currently enrolled to participate in 4-H and 4-H activities.  If you have any questions please call the 4-H office at (626) 586-1980 or (661) 974-8826.

2018-2019 4-H Adult Initial Appointment Process
Volunteer Access For eXtension - (online training registration instructions) 
Volunteers are always needed in 4-H!  4-H needs Community Club Leaders, Project Leaders, Resource Leaders, Summer Camp Chaperone and more.  Prospective volunteers are fingerprinted and oriented before becoming 4-H Leaders.  If you would like to volunteer in any capacity, please contact  Charlene Moore at moore@ucanr.edu or Dawn Fuller at dafuller@ucanr.edu. 
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