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California Agriculture -

California Center for Urban Horticulture -

California Garden Web -

Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems -

Center for Invasive Species Research -

Citrus Variety Collection -

Community Gardens (UC ANR Publication) -

Exotic and Invasive Pests -

Fire-Safe Landscaping –

Flowers -

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Gardening  Basics -

Glossary of Gardening Terms, A-M -

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Honeybee Research and Information -

Indoor Plants -

Integrated Pest Management Program -

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Lawns -

Natural Enemies -

Natural Environment Pests -

Pest Notes -

Pesticide and Toxicology Network -

Plant Native -

Postharvest  Technology -

Safe and Poisonous Plants -

Small Farm Program -

Soil Solarization for Gardens and Landscapes -

Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program -

Sustainable Landscaping in California: How to Conserve Resources and Beautify Your Home Landscape -

Vegetable Research and Information Center -

Vegetables -

Water Use Classification of Landscape Species -

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UCTV – Gardening and Agriculture -

UC Riverside Botanic Garden -

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Accessible Gardening for Therapeutic Horticulture -

American Community Gardening Association –

American Horticultural Therapy Association -

American Water Works Association -

Be Water Wise –

BugGuide -

Cal Recycle –

California Department of Education, School Garden Program Overview -

California Food & Justice Coalition –

California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom –

California Invasive Plant Council -

California Native Plant Society, Los Angeles/Santa Monica Mountains Chapter -

California Poison Control System -

California Rare Fruit Growers -

California School Garden Network –

California Regional Environmental Education Community -

Drought Tolerant Garden – LA County --

Certify Garden as Wildlife Habitat -

Descanso Gardens -

Fallen Fruit -

Free Mulch, City of Los Angeles –

Fullerton Arboretum -

Gardening for the Blind: Tips for People With Impaired Vision -

Gardening With the Elderly -

Greater Los Angeles Vector Control District –

Huell Howser's "Green Gardener" video about recycling "useless" items into "new" garden tools (at Yvonne Savio's garden) –

Hungry Pests – USDA –

Huntington Botanical Garden –

International Society of Arboriculture -

Kids Gardening -

Life Lab Science Program –

Los Angeles Community Garden Council –

Los Angeles County – The Drought Tolerant Garden --

Los Angeles County Agricultural Commissioner/Weights and Measures –

Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden -

Los Angeles County West Vector and Vector-Borne Disease Control District –

Mediterranean Garden Society –

National Pesticide Information Center -

North East Trees –

Noxious Weed Information Project -

Plant Hardiness –

Plant Right -

Pollinator Partnership -

Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden -

Smart Gardening Program –

Soil Survey -

South Coast Botanic Garden -

Southern California Horticultural Society –

Southland Farmers Market Association -

Theodore Payne Foundation for Wildflowers and Native Plants -

TreePeople –

Tree Selection Guide -

Trees Are Good (International Society of Arboriculture) -

Water Use Efficiency -

Waterwise Gardens of California, Los Angeles Area -