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SAFE Landscapes Project

SAFE (Sustainable and Fire SafE) Landscapes has developed guidelines for creating and maintaining fire-safe, environmentally-friendly landscapes in the wildland-urban interface that minimize the use and spread of invasive plants.  The project is a collaboration between the University of California Cooperative Extension--Los Angeles County, the Los Angeles and San Gabriel Rivers Watershed Council, the Los Angeles County Fire Department Forestry Division, and numerous other governmental, nonprofit and business organizations.  Support is provided by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

Visit the SAFE Landscapes Website for more information.

Fern Canyon in Griffith Park, May 2007

Griffith Park Recovery
UC Cooperative Extension advisors and specialists are assisting the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks to develop a fire recovery plan for Griffith Park that allows natural recovery of the ecosystem, while protecting landmarks, cultural resources and adjoining neighborhoods.

For more information on the Griffith Park fire, please visit http://www.laparks.org/.

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(Brochure:  Invasive Plants and Wildfires in Southern California )