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Junior/Teen Leadership Merit Awards

Junior/Teen Leadership Merit Awards

A Junior or Teen Project Leader who has done exceptional work as a Junior or Teen Project Leader may apply to be considered for a Junior or Teen Leadership Merit Award by indicating on the LA County 4-H Record Book ID Form (for county record book judging) that they want to be considered for the award.  In addition to being a Junior or Teen Leader, the member should be participating in a Leadership Project. In other words, to apply for this leadership award you must submit your 4-H records for county record book judging.  The member must include in their records:

  1. a completed Annual Project Report (APR) for the Leadership Project and 
  2. a completed Leadership Development Report (LDR) for being a Junior or Teen Leader that year. 

A member may earn this award once as a Junior Leader (ages 11, 12, 13) and once as a Teen Leader (ages 14 and above).  The award consists of a gold border that surrounds the Junior Leader patch or the Teen Leader patch (worn on the 4-H hat).  Without the gold border to indicate the award, a Junior Leader patch or Teen Leader patch is only worn on the hat when the member is an active Junior or Teen Leader. The gold border changes the leader patch to an award leadership patch which can stay on the hat. The recipients of Junior/Teen Leadership Merit Awards are announced at the annual County Awards program following the county record book judging.


Annual Project Report - For Junior, Intermediate, and Senior members

Leadership Development Report - For Junior, Intermediate, and Senior members