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Eastside Antelopes 4-H Club

Projects offered in Eastside Antelopes 4-H Club: 

Arts & Crafts, Beginning 4-H, Birds – Poultry, Cake Decorating, Cattle – Beef, Clothing & Textiles, Dance, Dog, Environmental Stewardship, Equine- Horses & Ponies, Foods, Foods – Beginning, Foods – Preservation, Goats, Goats – Dairy, Goats – Meat, Goats – Nigerian, Goats – Pygmy, Indoor and Mini Gardens, Leadership Development, Llamas, Pets and Small Animals, Photography, Primary Members (Mini Member & Cloverbud), Rabbits, Scrapbooking, Sheep, Sheep Breeding, Sheep Market, Swine, Swine – Breeding, Swine – Market, Vegetable Gardens and Crops

Club Information

For additional information about the Eastside Antelopes 4-H Club, please contact the Eastside 4-H Club Leader