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Gardening Articles

Container Gardening

What to Grow in Containers English/Spanish

Grow Vegetables in Containers English/Spanish

Container Gardening: How Deep Should the Soil Be? English/Spanish

Common Problems in Container Gardening English/Spanish


Compost Systems English/Spanish

Materials to Avoid in the Compost Pile English

Compost Troubleshooting Guide English/Spanish

Save Water at Home Using Amendments and Mulches English

Trace Elements and Urban Gardens English/Spanish

Growing Vegetables

Saving Water in Vegetable Gardens English

Vegetable Gardening Handbook for Beginners English/Spanish

Vegetable Root Depth Chart English

Vegetables and Herbs (Slideshow) English

Vegetable Seed Planting (Table) English

General Gardening Information

Ten Beginning Steps for Every Home Garden English/Spanish

Recycle "Useless" Items into "New" Garden Tools in English, Slideshow & Huell Howser's "Green Gardener" video (in Yvonne Savio's garden) 

More helpful gardening information is available from the California Master Gardener Program

Beneficial Insects (Poster) English