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Youth EFNEP Curriculum

Happy Healthy Me Logo
Happy Healthy Me (K-1st grade)
A nutrition and literacy curriculum for children (4-6 years old) that uses high quality children's literature to introduce important nutrition and physical activity concepts.


My Amazing Body Logo
Good For Me and You Logo
It's My Choice Logo
My Amazing Body (1st Grade)
Good For Me and You (2nd Grade)
It's My Choice (3rd Grade)
These are English Language Arts-based health and nutrition curricula. Students learn how to make healthy food and exercise choices to establish lifelong habits.

Nutrition to Grow On Logo
Nutrition to Grow On (4th to 5th Grade)
This innovative curriculum is designed to teach students about food and nutrition through plant-based lessons.

Eat Fit Logo
Eat Fit (6th to 8th Grade)
This curriculum provides hands-on activities with a magazine-style workbook that challenges adolescents to improve their eating and fitness choices.

Hunger Attack! Logo
Hunger Attack! Feed Your Appetite-Protect Your Wallet (9th to 12th Grade)
Through interactive lessons, teens learn that the food they buy not only affects the amount they spend, but can also affect their health.

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