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Youth EFNEP helps youth acquire knowledge, skills, and the right attitude and behavior to create nutritionally sound diets.

Students learn to:
-develop healthy eating habits
-choose healthy snacks
-increase physical activity
-practice safe food handling

Helping students make the grade with healthy foods!

Program Delivery
The program is delivered by EFNEP staff or volunteer teachers in schools and community-based organizations. Staff and/or volunteers utilize one of several university-approved curricula and teach a minimum of six one-hour lessons.

Our classes provide hands-on nutrition education; curricula that support Common Core State Standards; in-class food tastings; and bilingual teaching materials (per request).

Our services are offered at no cost to schools, organizations or programs where 50% or more of youth are receiving free or reduced-price school meals.

Our Successes
In 2019, we delivered nutrition classes to more than 3,180 youth. As a result, 85% of the youth participants improved their healthy nutrition practices; 50% improved their food safety practices; and 52% increased their physical activity practices.

Learn about our statewide program impacts here.

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How can my school/organization participate?
For more information or to schedule the our program at your site, please contact Natalie Price at (626) 586-1948, nmprice@ucanr.edu.