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The Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP)


EFNEP assists limited resource families gain the knowledge, skills, attitudes and changed behavior necessary to choose nutritionally sound diets and improve their well-being. 

Nutrition educators empower participants to adopt healthy lifestyle practices. The goals include providing information about food choices for healthy living and reduced risk for chronic diseases; safe food handling, storage and preparation; and making the most of resources to feed the family.

For both adults and youth, the lessons are learner-centered with activities for practicing newly learned healthy living skills and physical activities. These goals are attained through a series of lessons conducted in small groups. 

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Connect with our EFNEP Staff

To request an EFNEP class or get more information about our free nutrition education program for youth or parents, please complete our survey. Someone will contact your shortly. You can also contact Javier Miramontes directly by email (below).

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EFNEP Supervisor
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