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CalFresh Youth Program



The CalFresh Healthy Living, UC (CFHL, UC) Youth Nutrition Education Program was established in 1997 to reach out to school children and help them make consistent, healthful food choices, promote food safety practices and encourage physical activity in their daily lives by providing nutrition education materials and ongoing support.

*To qualify for the no-cost program, at least 50% of the school student population must receive free or reduced price meals through the National School Lunch Program.

Nutrition Education
CFHL, UC partners with preschools, schools and after-school programs to provide nutrition education to youth. The organization's educators train teachers and staff on age appropriate curriculum they can use with their students. Curriculum, resources and support are free.

To see a list of the available curricula, please click here

Garden Enhanced Nutrition Education
CFHL, UC partners with schools and communities to provide garden-based education. This is an opportunity to experience fresh vegetables first hand--from seeding gardens to picking the produce--and is accompanied by classroom lessons and discussions.

Physical Activity
CFHL, UC partners with Coordinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH) Global Foundation and others to provide resources in schools, build capacity and explore ways youth can have the greatest opportunity to be physically active in educational settings.

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Smarter Lunchrooms Movement (SLM)
A smarter lunchroom is one that influences students toward choosing healthier, more nutritious foods. The Smarter Lunchrooms Movement gives students an opportunity to select and consume a balanced diet while providing them with a spectrum of choices. SLM applies research-based principles that use low or no-cost solutions with a focus on the cafeteria environment and the promotion of healthful eating behaviors. 

CFHL, UC provides SLM resources, materials and trainings to schools interested in participating in this initiative.