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Community Nutrition and Health

With more than 35 years of experience providing nutrition education to LA County residents, UC Cooperative Extension offers research-based nutrition information and educational programs to help youth and families make healthy food choices, be more physically active, maximize limited food budgets and handle food safely. We act as a vital bridge between the UC academic system and our local communities, tailoring the latest science, curriculum and information to the needs, cultures and languages of our communities. 

UC Cooperative Extension offers nutrition and physical activity education to youth and families with limited incomes through two programs:

The Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) provides a series of eight practical, hands-on, multilingual nutrition lessons for parents and a series of of 6 standards-based nutrition lessons for K-12th grade youth.

CalFresh Healthy Living, UC provides nutrition education curricula and activities, staff and parent training, and technical support for qualifying pre-schools, schools and agencies. 

All our curricula and educational tools are evidence-based and our services are free of cost for qualifying individuals and agencies.

For information on LA County Food Assistance Programs, click here.

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CalFresh Healthy Living

Natalie Price, MPH
Nutrition, Family and Consumer Sciences Advisor
nmprice@ucanr.edu, (626) 586-1948