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Are you prepared for wildfires?

Wildfires are part of the California's ecosystems, and they do not have to lead to the destruction structures and livelihoods. We all have a role to play in improving wildfire resilience. We can make a difference from individual houses to entire communities.

Preparing your home and property for a wildfire is an ongoing task throughout the year. Though it can be overwhelming to figure out where to begin, there are simple, cost-effective actions you can take to significantly reduce fire risk for your home and community.


You probably heard about defensible space and home hardening. The idea behind these strategies is to protect vulnerable components of your house and reduce exposure to flames and ember ignition. In general, it is a good idea to start with your home and work your way out. To learn more, click on these links: How homes burn / Home hardening / Defensible space

For more information and resources check out UC ANR Fire, or contact LA County Fire Advisor, Dr. Luca Carmignani.