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Urban & Small Farms of Southern California

My technical support program supports urban and small-scale farmers to improve their farming operations at all stages of the farm development. I offer essential technical assistance and resources to enable farmers to enhance productivity, sustainability and overall development. 

I support farmers in the Inland Empire region as well as farmers in Los Angeles and Orange counties with scientifically proven and culturally relevant research and outreach methods. I address the unique challenges they face in Southern California and empower them to thrive in a rapidly evolving agricultural landscape. 

I promote safe postharvest handling of fresh produce at every stage of the farming and distribution process to build safe and sustainable local food systems in Southern California.

In addition, I serve as an information hub for organic and sustainable farming, certification processes, and grants and funding opportunities. 

(on organic and sustainable farming practices to enhance crop yield and quality and the impacts of these practices on the environment and human well-being)

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Need Assessment on Urban Farming Practice
Advancing Bell Pepper Production: Seasonal Extension and Quality Improvement Using High Tunnel with Luminescent Films

Resources/Outreach Materials
Webinar on how to controll squirrels and gophers
CA Dept of Food and Agriculture's Urban Agriculture Grant Program 2023
UCCE Fact Sheet on Weed Control
UCCE Fact Sheet on Weed Control (Spanish)
Slides on how to handle postharvest produce
Slides on small farm produce and food safety
Slides on soil health


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