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Job Announcement

UC Cooperative Extension is seeking to fill the California Naturalist Program Representative position.

To help to expand the California Naturalist Program in Southern California, the California Naturalist Program Representative will work with local partners to train and foster a committed corps of volunteer naturalists and citizen scientists ready to take an active role in natural resource conservation, education and restoration. The Program Representative will promote the California Naturalist Program, recruit and support local sponsors, organize the train-the-trainer workshops, and develop new curriculum tailored to Southern California and other urban areas around the state.

The Program Representative will work half-time through summer 2013 (with the potential to extend and increase to full-time as the program develops).

To learn more about the position and apply, please visit UCOP's job page. Next, click on Search Postings and enter California Naturalist in the search field or enter 20130079 in the requisition number field.

Please apply by March 7, 2013.