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Don Hodel's Research Projects

Don Hodel's Research Projects

1. Theme: Selection and Management of Palms

A. General selection and management
   1.1 General palm selection and management
   1.2 Chamaedorea palms

B. General culture
   1.3 Effect of glyphosate on suppressing growth of Mediterranean fan palm offshoots
   1.4 Effect of various container configurations on growth of two palms
   1.5 Susceptibility of six species of landscape palms to Fusarium wilt

C. Transplanting and root regeneration
   1.6 Effect of sand backfill on transplanted palms
   1.7 Effect of leaf removal/tie up on transplanted date palms
   1.8 Effect of leaf tie up and staggered planting dates on transplanted palms
   1.9 Effect of leaf removal and tie-up on water loss of palms

D. Nutrition and fertilizers
   1.10 Palm nutritional requirements
   1.11 Single-source effects of N, K, Mg and S on queen palms
   1.12 Nutritional requirements of queen palms

E. Biology
   1.13 DNA for Gender Determination in Chamaedorea
   1.14 DNA and Morphological Variation of Domesticated Chamaedorea tepejilote

2. Theme: Selection and Mangement of Landscape Trees, Shrubs and Groundcovers

   2.1 Shrub planting depth
   2.2 Evaluation of Evergreen Mexican Quercus and Platanus species for landscape use in California
   2.3 Identification and Management of Ficus Branch Dieback Disease
   2.4 Identification and Management of Polyphagous Shot-Hole Borer/Fusarium Disease

3. Theme: Green Waste Management

   3.1 Ground Palm Trunks as Peat Moss Substitute

4. Theme: Landscape Water Conservation and Management

   4.1 Tree species water evaluation
   4.2 Refinement or urban landscape water requirements

5. Theme: Public Service/Consumer Horticulture

   5.1 Exceptional trees of Los Angeles