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Research Projects 2007

1.  Selection and Management of Ornamental Palms

     General selection and management
     1.1 General palm selection and management
     1.2 Chamaedorea palms

     Root regeneration and transplanting
     1.3 Leaf tie up and staggered planting date when transplanting large palms

     1.4 Soil amendments when planting palms
     1.5 Pruning palms--leaf removal
     1.6 Irrigation requirements of palms
     1.7 Fertilizer requirements of palms

2.  Selection and Management of Landscape Trees, Shrubs and Groundcovers

     2.1 Tree root barriers
     2.2 Shrub planting depth

3.  Landscape Water Conservation and Management

     3.1 Tree species water-use evaluation
     3.2 Refinement of urban landscape water requirements

4.  Increasing Community Awareness of the Value and Proper Selection and Care of Urban Landscape Plants, Especially Trees, and Enhancing Safe Urban Food Gardening

     4.1 Exceptional Trees of Los Angeles
     4.2 Low-chill peach and apple evaluation
     4.3 Healthy gardens