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Los Angeles County
University of California
Los Angeles County

Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program




EFNEP is for families. In fiscal year 2011-12, staff delivered nutrition classes to 1,375 families and reached indirectly more than 6,425 families in LA County.

EFNEP reduces the risk of chronic diseases. In 2011-12, 31% of participants increased their physical activity and 72% of participants increased their use of nutrition facts labels.

"I have changed the way we eat. We eat more nutritious foods and fresh fruits and vegetables, and I change the dressings we use in our salads. My children work very hard to eat vegetables, and now we are trying them in different ways. Raw, cooked, steamed, stir fried. They are eating more now. We thank EFNEP nutrition program for all the good information that was given to us. It should be in every school because it would make a big impact on our children's health." Los Angeles County Graduate

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