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UC Cooperative Extension is pleased to offer the Master Food Preserver (MFP) Program to LA County residents.  The revival of the program is the result of a renewed interest in home food preservation.  It is ideal for individuals who have a strong interest in becoming trained in canning, pressure canning, freezing, drying and fermenting.

The training consists of a 12-week session led by UC-certified Master Food Preservers. 

Once trained, MFPs will pass on the knowledge onto the general public and commit to completing 30 volunteer hours and 15 continuing education hours every year.

May 22, 2015

We value the UC Master Food Preserve volunteers of Los Angeles County and appreciate their incredible contributions to our community. Collectively, our volunteers have donated more than 4,500 hours to improving access to safe and nutritious preserved foods. In total, nearly 240,000 people have been engaged by the Los Angeles program, clearly creating impact in our local community.

We know that this program is important to our volunteers as well as to the community members who have been served by our program, and it is with great regret that we will have to suspend the program, along with all MFP-related activities effective June 30, 2015. We ultimately hope to re-establish the program in Los Angeles County. However, this can be done only when adequate staff is in place to oversee and support the program. At this time, there is no timeline or guarantee as to when this will happen.

Again, we appreciate the support of our program from the community and our dedicated volunteers.


Are you interested in taking a one-time class to learn the basics of home food preservation? If so, our Master Food Preserver volunteers offer classes on a variety of topics for the general public. To find out more about our food preservation classes, visit our Google calendar, like us on Facebook or follow our blog. The cost and location of classes will vary.

Do have a food preservation question? If so, please contact our Master Food Preserver Helpline.

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National Center for Home Food Preservation, USDA's Food Storage and Preservation Information, UC Home Food Preservation and Storage Publications and UC Food Safety.

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