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For the Media

What is Cooperative Extension? Since 1914, Los Angeles County, along with other counties in California, has enjoyed a collaborative arrangement to provide training and programs in agriculture, gardening, good nutrition and youth development for county residents.  Over the years, as counties changed, programs have been updated to meet the needs of local communities.

If you are a member of the media, please note the following contact information:

Dohee Kim
Director of Media Outreach & Advocacy Liaison
(626) 586-1974, deekim@ucanr.edu   (general media inquiries)

Drusilla Rosales
Nutrition, Family & Consumer Sciences Advisor
(626) 586-1948, dmrosales@ucanr.edu  (Adult & Youth EFNEP and Master Food Preserver Program)

Rachel Surls
Sustainable Food Systems Advisor
(626) 586-1982, ramabie@ucanr.edu  (urban agriculture)

Yvonne Savio
Master Gardener Coordinator
(626) 586-1981, ydsavio@ucanr.edu  (gardening and Master Gardener Volunteer County Director and 4-H Youth Development Advisor, (323) 260-3845

Donald Hodel
Environmental Horticulture Advisor
(626) 586-1973, drhodel@ucanr.edu  (woody plants and trees)

Dennis Pittenger
Area Environmental Horticulture Advisor
(951) 827-3320, dennis.pittenger@ucr.edu  (water conservation)

Janet Hartin
Environmental Horticulture Advisor
(951) 387-2171, jshartin@ucanr.edu  (sustainable landscaping)

John Kabashima
Environmental Horticulture Advisor
(714) 708-1611, jnkabashima@ucanr.edu  (nursery management and exotic pests)

Cheryl Wilen
Area Integrated Pest Management Advisor
(858) 694-2846, cawilen@ucanr.edu  (integrated pest management)

Sabrina Drill
Natural Resources Advisor
(323) 260-3404, sldrill@ucanr.edu  (watershed management, wildland fire, environmental education and invasive species)

Andre Biscaro
Agriculture and Environmental Issues Advisor
(661) 974-8825, asbiscaro@ucanr.edu  (for commercial agriculture)