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2019 State Avian Bowl Qualifier

Date: February 23, 2019

Time: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Contact: Sue Gallegos, (559) 855-3951

Sponsor: 4-H Youth Development Program

Event Details

2019 State Avian Bowl Qualifier

Saturday,  February 23, 2019 
Greater California Society of Poultry Fanciers (GCSPF) at the Fresno County Fairgrounds

Avian Bowl teams must be pre-registered; the entry form link for teams can be found at:

2019 Avian Bowl State Qualifier Entry Forms

Entries must be postmarked or faxed by February 11, 2019.  Only 2 players of the same age division (Junior or Senior) are needed to make a team. There can be as many as 4 players on a team. Multiple teams in the same age division can be entered from one county. If you do not have enough 4-Hers of similar ages to field a team from your county, there is no problem in counties coming together to make a team. 

  • Junior Teams: Members must be 13 years or YOUNGER on January 1, 2019. Two, three, or four members are allowed per team.
  • Senior Teams: Member must be 14 years to 18 years by January 1, 2019. Two, three, or four members are allowed per team.

The top four individuals from the Avian Bowl State Qualifier qualify as the first place team and is eligible to represent California in the official National Avian Bowl at the National 4-H Poultry and Egg Conference, Louisville, KY. http://www.ca.uky.edu/national4hpoultry/  

The avian bowl is a double elimination contest for state teams patterned after other knowledge bowls. Contestants must have a comprehensive knowledge of subject matter for several species of poultry, food safety, physiology, nutrition, eggs, and other related subjects. For more infomation regarding the 2019 State Avian Bowl Qualifier, please see the Avian Science notes.

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