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State Record Book Competition

Senior 4-H Members are eligible to enter the State Record Book Competition. State competition is focused on selecting 4-H members who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in their 4-H project work.  Books are evaluated against standard criteria.  Those books displaying the most outstanding 4-H work, life skills development, and leadership and citizenship development are selected as state medalists or state winners.  Seniors interested in submitting their 2017-2018 4-H records to the State Record Book competition, be sure you are:

  • Using the forms from the new 2017-2018 Record Book Manual
  • Review the guidelines and requirements for the State Record Book Competition on the State website (should be updated soon).
  • Submit the Intent to Submit form by August 31st.
  • Complete your record book for the competition. Do not include prior years’ records. Number the pages.
  • You do not need to take the Quick Start Quiz Contact Noel Keller if you have questions (nkeller91711@gmail.com).
  • Scan your completed 2017-2018 record book for the competition and email the scanned version to Dawn Fuller (dafuller@ucanr.edu) or Charlene Moore (moore@ucanr.edu) by October 22, 2018. If you need assistance, please contact your local 4-H Office.  Contact Noel Keller if you have questions (nkeller91711@gmail.com).

Attention Senior Members - Want to submit your record book but missed the August 31 deadline to submit your Letter of Intent?  If so, please see Not Too Late


Additional State Record Book information can be found here.

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