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Junior All-Star Program

Junior All-Star Application (due by October 1, 2019)
The Junior All-Star Program is a non-competitive leadership program targeting youth in 8th through 11th grades or 13 and older. The program has several goals, including:

  • serving as a bridge to the 4-H All-Star Program, and other leadership programs;
  • providing meaningful leadership training and growth opportunities for teens;
  • providing opportunities for volunteerism and community service;
  • maintaining teens interest in organized youth development programs; and
  • providing opportunities for teens to have fun!

The Junior All-Star Program will be open to any 4-H member who is or will be starting eighth grade in the fall of the program year in which he/she is selected to serve. While this is a non-competitive program, youth must complete an application form, and meet the following criteria:

  • have completed 1 year as a junior/teen leader in 4-H, or be enrolled as a junior/teen leader for the current year;
  • involvement in a 4-H county-wide committee or significant involvement on the club level; and/or involvement in activities outside of 4H, in church and/or community activities, volunteer and/or work experience;
  • strong interest in leadership development;
  • an ability to attend various meetings, events and activities during the program year; and
  • willingness to plan and/or participate in at least one leadership or community service project through the Junior All-Stars Program.

Download  Junior Allstar Application (pdf)